Posted August 22, 2012 by Chelle B in ThatsEnuff

Dj Khaled Talks Being ‘The Best Mogul’ [VIDEO]

Khaled’s sixth studio album, Kiss The Ring is in stores now and he opens up with Angie Martinez and Dj Enuff to express his expectations for the highly anticipated album.

“ My whole goal is on the album was, If you wasn’t seeing the vision from along time ago and not seeing the growth and seeing what my album was about, this is the album I want them to recognize”

A man of many titles; Producer, Executive, A&R , and Entrepreneur , Khaled wants the world to recognize him as “THE BEST MOGUL” and if you didn’t know exactly want he does he breaks it down; “I make hits, I find hits and I put hits out. It’s very simple They’re beat makers and they’re producers. I producer, I orchestrate.”

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