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What Happened to Hargett?!

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“Especially when you’re talking about memories and things like that from high school basketball and A.A.U. basketball, he’s definitely one of the names that comes up,” Carmelo Anthony said. “What happened to him?”

“I guess that’s why people in Richmond feel like I was a legend, man, because of how much weed I used to smoke and the way that I used to play,” Hargett said. “It was crazy. Some people can’t even let alone smoke a cigarette and play half as good as I do, and I’m smoking blunts of marijuana and playing like A. I.” — referring to Iverson.

“I can’t blame nobody,” he said. “I’ve got to blame myself.” – nytimes

S/O to Dave Eisenhower via NYTimes! What Happened to Hargett?! Jonathan Hargett, 30, was raised in Richmond #VA and was once one of the top talents in basketball w/ unbelievable hops! NY Knicks’ #Stat was a high school teammate of Hargett’s, and called him the best player he has played with at any level. #Melo was a summer league teammate in high school, and remembered him as a frenetic 5-foot-11 guard with a 44-inch vertical leap and skills that evoked comparisons to Allen Iverson. Even #OKC #KD heard about Hargett at the #LondonOlympics, and attended one of the same high schools as him. What Happened to Hargett?!

He is set to be released from medium-security Indian Creek Correctional Center on Jan. 11 after serving a five-year bid for drug possession with intent to sell.

Hargett started out rough broke, when he was six years old his father died in jail, and they couldn’t afford a suit to bury him in. His sister didn’t even have a dress to wear to the funeral. His brother died, Mike Mason, passed at only 30 years old.

At only 15 years old with the help of an agent, he got $20K to attend West Virginia. He began to abuse marijuana and sell $1K of cocaine a day. That lifestyle led him to be shot in the hip; the bullet is still lodged in his hip today.

In 2001, he was ranked a top-ten high school recruit, above #NBA guards Ben Gordon and T. J. Ford! Smoking chronic and playing basketball seemed to go hand-and-hand for Hargett, but other petty issues, dealing ruined his eligibility… He slowly took a winding road to no good, away from the game that he made so great.

His signature move the Hargett, a hesitation crossover dribble with a lob off the backboard and one-handed dunk finish! Check out the video below!