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USA Sprinter Demps joins the Patriots!

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#USASprinterGoesToPatriots Going straight from #Silver (4X100 relay) at the #LondonOlympics to the football field, #USA Sprinter Jeff Demps will sign with the New England Patriots at 5PM today! He played with #Tebow in 2008-2009 at Florida, and went undrafted in April (to go the #Olympics)! #Demps is 5-foot-7, 191 lbs, plays running back, and rushed for 2,470 yards and 23 touchdowns over his career at Florida! He passed up the #Jets who showed strong interest in signing him, and #Tebow even tried to coral this most gifted athlete!

“Most of you knew I was on there before I knew, so it’s kind of a shocker for me,” Tebow told reporters Thursday after the final practice in Cortland. “It was something I think I did maybe six years ago in college. Honestly, the first time I heard (about the cover) was when we were in the cafeteria and it was on ESPN. That’s when I found out, so it was kind of a shocker to me as well.” – espn

“Was I trying to do anything as far as the crucifix? Absolutely not,” Tebow said. “I mean, I don’t know — it was six years ago, I don’t even remember what I  was doing, but I wasn’t trying to do anything like that though.” – nypost

#TebowShockedGQSpread #Jets #Tebow was shocked when he found out about his new GQ cover! It is from his Florida Gator days (six years ago), and shows him half-naked holding his arms (like Jesus on the crucifix)! He immediately commented on his distaste for the pic, and also said he did not know about the pic until he seen pop up on #ESPN! Check out his comments and the controversial pic above!

#GiantsVsJetsPreSeasonGame The NY Giants will play against the NY Jets at MetLife stadium in their second pre-season game on Saturday, August 18 7PM EST Sky Sports, Fox TV, CBS TV, and via live stream!

Metta World Peace to appear on ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ on Sunday

The NY Knicks apparently will not have #MSG available for the their pre-season game in October! They will be away for all the games, and will take on the #Brooklyn #Nets for the final pre-season game on Oct. 15! Check out the #Knicks and #Nets full pre-season schedule!