Posted August 15, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Dolphins cut Ocho on Live TV [Video]


@SportsBata ..nuff said

#HardKnocksForOcho The Miami Dolphins cut Chad Johnson AKA Ochocinco live on TV, Tuesday, during a recording of the upcoming #HBO series “Hard Knocks”! It took less than 24 hours after he headbutt his wife for the Dolphins to cut him. He has a lot to worry about now than a simple name change. You can’t headbutt your (model) wife Evelyn Lozada, and except good things to come of it!

#BigBlueBedBugs The G-Men #Giants were victims of bed bugs, during a three-week (training camp) stay at the University of Albany! Some of the players were complaining about back problems stemming from the bed bug scenario!

#TebowJerseysBackInStock had run out of #Jets #Tebow jerseys in mid-May, when #Reebok was illegally selling them after their contract expired. #Nike (who took over for #NFL jerseys in mid-May) even ran out of blank #Jets jerseys to chalk up to #Tebow prints! The jerseys were and still are in high demand; topping jerseys sales in the first week day!

#DeionOpensHSNamesMascot #NFL #HOF Deion Sanders opened his own Dallas-area high school, Prime Prep Academy, last week! #Deion named himself co-head football coach, and named the team’s mascot, ‘Winning’!