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Coolrain NBA Real Figures

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#Coolrain studio 2012

#TeamUSACoolrainFigures S/O @GlobalVitoHH! #Coolrain figurines, named after a Korean artist and toymaker, hit the shelves in 2008! They were originally more Skateboard B, but #NBA figurines became the forefront accessory! The figurines have interchangeable solid hands, mini basketballs, and of course the full variety of their own signature kicks! The figurines got better better through the years, and the latest #DreamTeam collection (pic above) projects the players with mirror-imagery and interchangeable signature kicks (pic above) that cover every exact detail! #Coolrain also cover figures in every size ranging from Mickey Mouse to Manny Pacquiao! Check out some of the #Coolrain signature series that were released over the years, and a video of the making of the Mindstyle x NBA Kobe Bryant 18″ Figure below!

In 2010, #Coolrain released Mindstyle NBA Figures Series 1, mini basketballs and interchangeable solid hands were available with these figurines!

#SkateboardBSeries In 2008, the Dunk Be True Art Gallery 1 was the first taste (showcase) of #Coolrain on the retail market! The skateboard B’s were dressed in interchangeable clothes, signature kicks, accessories, and skateboards!

#DunkeySeries Nike x coolrain x SEMAN 10cm – Dunkeys Series Custom Figure – Pithecuse Edition was released in 2009, and displayed the range and versatility of these of interchangeable figures!

Mindstyle x NBA Kobe Bryant 18″ Figure: