Posted August 14, 2012 by BlueMagic in News

Love & Hip Hop ATL Esp 9: Recap

Last night’s episode started off with Joseline pounding the life out of Stevie as MiMi sat on the side lines and watched. As you all know, Stevie invited Joseline to their therapy sessions for what? We have no idea! On the show he stated, that he wants for them to become one with one another. Erica confronts Lil Scrappy about Shaye and what does he do?? DENY! DENY! DENY! For those of you who have been watching, knows very well that they been messing around from the very BEGINNING! Of course Momma Dee wants Lil Scrappy to remain the player that he is because Erica is a B.I.C.T.H<< YES! Spelled in that order! Poor Momma Dee, that lady crazy. As for Benzino and Karlie Redd, seems like their little fairytale is coming to an end. Benzino is frustrated because Karlie is more focused on her career and what she can get out of him. So he turns to Stevie for advice. We know exactly what you are thinking, mmmm!! We were thinking it to! As for Rasheeda, her marriage had been really shaky because she wants to drop Kirk,as her manager. All in all, she had a change of heart and decided to ride it out with Kirk. Last but not least, the show ended off with K.Michelle’s PSA on domestic violence. The singer told her story to a group of young women encouraging them to leave abusive situations. Although Rasheeda attended the event, she felt that her good frienddid not physically or verbally abuse the singer. Episode 10 is the season finale tune in Mondays @8 pm on VH1 standard Eastern Time. And if you miss it, come back and check out our recap!

Written By: Marie D