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London Olympics: TeamUSA takes Gold over Spain!

Added James: “It’s all about the USA. It’s about the three letters on the chest.”

“A bunch of individuals came together as a team,” Knicks big man Tyson Chandler said. “You can’t beat this Spain team as individuals because they’re not. They’re incredible. We showed tonight we’re not just individuals. We’re a great basketball team.” – nypost

“I was one of those kids that looked back on the 1992 team and said ‘that is where I want to be,'” Anthony said. “And 20 years on, I am here winning the gold medal.” – nypost

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#LondonOlympics2012 #2ndStraightTeamUSAGold #TeamUSA took the Gold in a tight contest against #Spain, 107-100 Sunday afternoon! #TeamUSA was actually down by one point at halftime, but held on to take the Gold! #KD was big with 30 points, #KingJames had 16, and #Kobe finished with 17 points! Check out the #Olympic medal count below! #USA all the way!

“I can’t believe that I am an Olympic champion,” Boudia said Saturday night, not long after he captured the 10-meter platform gold medal on the last of his six  dives, an almost flawless two-and-a-half somersault with two-and-a-half twists  in the pike position. nydailynews

#USDivingGold David Boudia became the second #USA #diver ever to win a Gold in diving on Saturday night! He took it only 1.80 points above Silver medalist Qui Bo of China! Greg Louganis was the first to win Gold in the #1988SeoulOlympics!

#USAWrestlingGold Jake Varner won a Gold medal in 98-kg freestyle #wrestling by beating #Ukraine Valerii Andriitsev 1-0, 1-0 Sunday afternoon! It is the second Gold medal by #USA in the #LondonOlympics, and the first time since 1996 #USA had two Gold Medals in #Olympic #wrestling! #Varner also collected $250K from the Living the Dream Medal Fund!

#NFL Dolphins #Ochocinco AKA Chad Johnson, 34, was released on a $2,500 bail for a domestic violence incident on Sunday Afternoon!

Medal Count
Rank Country Total
1. USA 46 29 29 104
2. CHN 38 27 22 87
3. RUS 24 25 33 82
4. GBR 29 17 19 65
5. GER 11 19 14 44
6. JPN 7 14 17 38
7. AUS 7 16 12 35
8. FRA 11 11 12 34
9. KOR 13 8 7 28
10. ITA 8 9 11 28
13. CAN 1 5 12 18

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