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TeamUSA smashes Australia, King James collects 1st triple-double in Olympic history!

“I was trying to do that,” LeBron said. nydailynews

“I was searching for something to get me going,” Bryant said after the U.S.  improved to 6-0. “I activated the ‘Black Mamba.’ I was looking for something to  get me going and get me on the edge and keep me going.”

I was on him the whole game,” Anthony said. “’Wake up, you look sleepy out  there. I guess I woke the Mamba up.” – nydailynews

“We’re ready for that match-up,” Anthony said. “You can’t prepare physically for a game like that. You just go out there ready to take them punches…not  literally.”  – nydailynews

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#Lebron1stOlympicsTripleDouble #KobeComesBackToLife #TeamUSA keeps rocking and rolling, put a smack down on Australia, 119-86 Wednesday night, and will advance to the semifinals against #Argentina! #Lebron hit the first ever #USA #Olympic triple-double with 11 points, 14 boards and 11 dimes, #Brooklyn D-Will had 18 points, #KD added 14, and #Kobe came back to life with 20 points. #Melo (17 points) gonna look for some payback for the low blow to the groin at the hands of #Argentina Facundo Campazzo (video below) in their last preliminary game on Monday night. Check out #NBA #France Nicolas Batum delivering a dirty blow (on video) to Spain as they were losing the game.

“Everyone just expected me to give up this spot, because I think lots of people  …know me and they know that I’m seen as this very nice girl,” Felix said with a chuckle a few days before the start of track and field in London. “But it’s not just about me.” – nypost

#AllysonFelix1stGold200Dash Allyson Felix won her first Gold medal in the 200-meter track Wednesday afternoon! She had to settle for two individual Silver medals and one 4×400-meter relay Gold medal at the #Beijing2008Olympics, and is relieved to finally get Gold on the big stage!

“We set the bar very high,” said May-Treanor, who has said she will retire. “We extended ourselves over that bar even higher.” – nypost

“They’re the best team of all time,” Kessy said.

#USA Women’s All-American beach volleyball match: Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings won their third straight (and last) #Olympic’s beach volleyball match on Wednesday afternoon! They beat fellow #USA teammates Jennifer Kessy and April Ross 21-16, 21-16, as they settled for the Silver medal.

#Melo takes ‘cheap shot’ from #Argentina Facundo Campazzo: