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Knicks sign J.R. Smith’s brother! Rodman to write a Children’s book!


“If I play my cards right, hopefully they’ll be dealt right,’’ Chris Smith said during the summer league regarding his brother’s influence. “I feel like it’s working in my favor, but who knows. It’s the NBA. This is my chance.’’ – nypost


Lil bro wit the #knickstape two brothers on the same team at the same damn time!

@SportsBata ..nuff said

The NY Knicks signed J.R. Smith’s younger brother, Chris Smith to an undisclosed unguaranteed contract yesterday! The Knicks gave him an opportunity to shine in the Summer League, and he averaged 5.2 points per game in 19.3 minutes per game! JR Smith actually paid for Chris’s scholarship at Louisville after they told the school to use it for other recruits. Check out J.R. Smith twitpic of Chris signing the contract, and Chris’s feelings about the #NBA!

“Dennis the Wild Bull” childrens book will “convey good lessons to children based on Dennis’ own experiences as a world class athlete while overcoming obstacles as a child.” – nypost

#HOF Dennis Rodman AKA “The Worm” will be releasing a childrens book sometime later this year titled, “Dennis the Wild Bull”! He was recently inducted into the HOF, and finally met his enstranged father in the Phillipines only a month ago. That is part of the reason he wants to write a childrens book; to establish a connection between children and their parents. He wants to describe his experiences of becoming a world class athlete while overcoming obstacles of his family’s relationship.