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Interview: What’s Next For “Whine Up” Singer Kat Deluna

After the success of her first single “Whine Up,” Kat DeLuna is ready for a comeback! Complex Mag talks to the Dominican pop star about her new look, learning from Beyonce, and her new single “Wanna See you Dance.”

So far, who has been the most influential on your career?

That’s hard because I’ve worked with so many great people. I respect all of them and I grew up being inspired by so many of them. Believe it or not, I still haven’t met Mariah Carey, but I did meet Beyoncé. She has been a big inspiration to me. You know what I learned from Beyoncé? To be humble. I looked at her and thought, “Wow, being about yourself and being real to yourself really takes you further.” She’s really amazing.

Think about this: Here I am, my first time ever on TRL and I was like, “I’m gonna kill my show!” When I get there, they tell me that Beyoncé is also there. She actually introduced herself and was like, “You’re gonna do great! It’s okay, don’t be nervous.” And it was great because I felt like I had a big sister there. Even though she was doing her own interviews, she told me, “You did amazing! Oh my god! I can’t believe you move like that!” You wouldn’t expect that from someone who has done it all.

You have a MySpace, Facebook, and a Twitter account. Do you feel social media has become the best way to reach out to your fans?

Definitely. I would be crazy to say no. This is a new world. All of my friends and I are on Instagram and we can go months without seeing each other yet we know what’s been going on because we follow each other. I feel like you have to become a part of social media, especially if you want to be an artist and have so many things coming out. It’s an amazing way to reach your fans. There are obviously limits, but to me, it’s awesome!

It’s weird because in Europe they’re not really into it, and that’s why I think the fans are so different. I just finished last month touring in Japan. We did six days in actual tour venues and it was the most amazing experience ever, especially because it’s a whole new world and the fashion is crazy.

Do you have any new music or collaborations that you’ve been working on?

We actually just finished shooting the video for my new single “Wanna See You Dance,” which is a mixture of hip hop and R&B. It’s like a fashion story of Adam and Eve. People don’t know about Lilith. Lilith was in there, too, and she is stronger. So I played both parts, Eve and Lilith.

Then, I have my first ever Spanish single which just released called, “Sobredosis.” And now, with my new look and everything, I’m really excited.

I truly feel blessed because not a lot of people get to do what I do. I’ve been able to travel everywhere except Australia, and that’s amazing. Right now, I’m working with this awesome headphone company, Velodyne. Their sound is really amazing because it’s not over powerful but its clear. Eventually, I want to get into the fashion world.

Listen to Wanna See You Dance!

Source: Complex Mag