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NY Athletes go for Gold: Soni captures WR Gold!

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#USA swimmer Rebecca Soni hails from Freehold #Jersey, and just won a World Record (2:19.58 time) Gold medal in the 200-meter breaststroke (Thursday afternoon)! She is the defending World Champion, and won 200-meter breaststroke Gold at the #Beijing2008Olympics! Soni also set a world-record in the 200-meter breaststroke semi-finals on Wednesday, and won a Silver medal in the 100-meter breaststroke!

Cullen Jones tied Brazil Eielo Cesar for first place in the 50-meter freestyle semi-final Thursday afternoon.

#USA swimmer Cullen Jones, born in #BX raised in Irvington #Jersey, easily advanced to the 50-meter Freestyle Thursday afternoon! #USA teammate Anthony Ervin also advanced to the final right beside Jones. They will be in the second and third spot in the final tommorrow right behind #Brazil Eielo Cesar who tied Jones with a 21.54 seconds time! Ervin finished with a 21.62 time in the semi-final. Jones already got a Silver medal in the 4×200 medley relay on Monday!

#USA Women’s basketball beat Turkey, 89-58 Wednesday night! #Jersey Tina Charles scored 16 points in the game! Tina Charles starred at Christ the King in #Queens and led U-Conn to two undefeated Championships! Check out #TeamUSA Men’s basketball take on Nigeria at 5:15PM EST MSNBC today (Thursday afternoon)!

“I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and I’m proud of my accomplishments,” Herring said. “I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I went out there, fought to the best of my abilities, listened to my coaches and did everything I possibly could, but the best man won today.” – yahoo

#LI Jamel Herring lost in the light welterweight preliminary round Tuesday! Highly touted light heavyweight #SI Marcus Browne lost on an eight-count on Monday!

#BK Nzingha Prescod and #NYC Nicole Ross finished in sixth place (Fencing final) Thursday afternoon.

“She was kind of always one step ahead of me,” Wozniak said. “I just wish I could’ve done a little better.”

“It’s my first time being in the top eight. I hope I can stick around another four years and hopefully get a medal,” Wozniak said.

#USA Fencing Dagmara Wozniak (#10 ranked) of Avenel, N.J. was eliminated in the quarterfinals on Wednesday.

“I fenced really badly and he fenced excellently,” Imboden said. “He did what he always does and he drew me in. He fences at a really good distance and was too good for me. He’s definitely one of the best.”

Fencing favorite #BK #DJ Race Imbolden, 19, (#4 #USA rank) bowed out in the quarterfinal on Tuesday morning. Daryl Homer and Timothy Morehouse were knocked out in the preliminary rounds.