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Frank Ocean Channel Orange Terminal 5 [Photo][Video]

“FRANKIE! FRANKIE! FRANKIE!”, those were the sound of a packed Terminal 5 crowd as they impatiently waited the arrival of their star. The band took they place on their respected instruments, the background music dimmed off and the lights go low, they continued to chant “FRANKIE! FRANKIE! FRANKIE”. Then the spotlight flashed as he stepped on to the stage and the crowd erupted. Frank Ocean poetry in motion was now in full effect.
He kicked off the show with not his own song but a rendition of Sade “By Your Side” with an acoustic accompaniment. The stage lit blue as he made the song his. The crowd was eating up every bit of the show and it was only the beginning. He gave recognition to his Odd Future family who took over the balcony to his right, dancing and cheering him on.

He continued his serenading of the crowd by singing “Summer Romance” with just an acoustic melody to help carry this tune. With a nice transition he goes straight to “Thinking About You” which brings a awesome reaction from the crowd who immediately starts to sing along. Without a moment to catch his breathe, he goes into the highly popular song “Novacane” with his full band and full blue lights. At this point the crowd is going word for word with Frank Ocean without missing a beat. You can tell he’s enjoying the crowd as he allows them to sing the chorus as he playfully tease a crowd of women in the front and adlib during they singing. Then without notice, you notice him goes into a trance in the end of song while singing which brings the crowd to silence as he repeats “Novacane, novacane” to end the song.

He comes out of his trance and start his next song from his latest album Channel Orange, “Sweet Life”. As the gold lights continue to blaze over him and his band, he transitions into “Forrest Gump” which really draw some reaction.

Frank steps back to take some of the applauds in then returns to the front the stage to perform his next song, “Super Rich Kids” again off Channel Orange. The track has the crowd singing everything again word for word, even the adlibs, with hands in the air which allows him to just sing his verse and play to the crowd again drawing some dope feed back. He goes to one of his Nostalgia tracks, “Strawberry Swing”, which in my opinion kind of separated his crowd between his earlier fan base to his most recent. His earlier fan base are still singing word for word as those unfamiliar with it just jam to this tune. He then close out “Strawberry Swing” with the ending to “Made in America”.

“American Wedding” is followed up with a lot of crowd support. Blue & White lights as the crowd are hypnotized into the melody of the song. First the song started with a guitar accompany but the second verse the drums and piano jumps in with a really dope guitar rip. He transitions directly into his song “Voodoo” which draws another direct crowd reaction going word for word with him. They finish the song strong and he exits the stage as the band played to the crowd.

He returns with Channel Orange banger “Crack Rock”as he takes a knee on stage and the crowd pushes forward to get closer to Mr. Ocean. By the 2nd verse he’s back to his feet and singing to the crowd as the eat every up. By this point he’s singing acapella with the band jumping in and out. On the chorus, the full band returns and disappears again for the 2nd verse.

After doing “Swim Good”, he talks about the song he’s been listening to more often now since he’s been traveling. He sings along with the crowd every word to “Lost”. Towards the end both the guitar and bass players steps forward for their respective solo parts.

You can see his face transform as he address his crowd. He mentions that this next song is the beginning of him revealing his Bi-sexuality. “Bad Religion” is cued and he starts to jump with into the song. You can see as if he still feel like he’s hiding something. He holds the mic stand close to him and close his eyes while pouring his emotion into the song. The crowd just falls into a trance with him not even really singing along. While he returns to reality, the crowd gives him a great ovation and you see a sign of relief on his face.

To end his performs “Pyramids” that has the crowd and Odd Future jamming. As the stage is lit with pure white lights taking over the stage. Frank Ocean kneels on the floor as the band mellow out. The beat picked up and Franks stands up as he plays to the crowd which prompts them to throw they hands up in the air. (A female in the crowd attempts to throw her blue pants on the stage but the throw fell short. Guess it was the thought that counted lol.) He played more to the crowd by throw up the ROC sign and bouncing it to the beat.

To end the song, he turns on his auto tune and start adlibbing which is accompanied by his bass guitar. He thanked the crowd for coming out and to have a safe trip. The crowd didn’t buy into though as they chanted for an encore. And a encore they got. He returned to the piano which was now put in the front of the stage and performed the song he wrote for Beyonce’ “I Miss You”. Then he finally thanked the crowd again and left the stage. While outside doing an interview, we caught Jake Gyllenhal leaving the show trying to go unnoticed in the streets of New York.

Also big shout out to my fellow ThatsEnuff fam, @ITS_CHELLEB for helping out with video, pics and interviews.

Here are some concert goer’s intake of the night.