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NY athletes representing at the Olympics: Part II!

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In the dawn of the #London2012Olympics, many NY athletes are representing at the Olympics: Part II! In this second part, we will look at a handful of #NY athletes ‘day jobs’, boxer Jamel Herring out of #LI, boxer Marcus Browne rise from #SI to the main event , #SouthBronx gymnast John Orozco inspirational story, and find out that more than half of the fencing team is from #NY! Also check out “NY athletes representing at the Olympics”!

Knicks’ Tyson Chandler and #Melo w/ CP3 cruising to London.

#London2012Olympics: Check out 25 athletes to watch, 15 key questionsFull Schedule, Women’s and Men’s Basketball schedule, and #TeamUSA Knicks’ #Melo desire to keep his momentum going into the Olympics!

“We all get pumped up to hip-hop,” Race Imboden says of his fellow fencers, citing A-Trak remixes as favorites.

Fencing: Park Slope #Brooklyn fencer Race Imboden, 19, just finished his internship (in June) at Fool’s Gold Record internship. He found a liking for artists, Souls of Mischief and J Dilla, that are under the Fool’s Gold label. He is young hip-hop fan, who DJ’s whenever he gets a chance. He moved to Park Slope from Atlanta when he was 10-years old, and says he loves penang chicken curry at Rice Thai on Park Slope’s Seventh Avenue. Coincidentally, more than half of the 16 player U.S. fencing team is from #NY; nine if you include Maya Lawrence who hails from Teaneck NJ.

Sailing: #LI Debbie Capozzi, 31, is out of Bayport and a part of the U.S. sailing team in the #London2012Olympics! She works in the family owned ice cream parlor in Patchogue, LI called “Tina’s”; named after her younger sister. She was part of the seventh place U.S. sailing team in the #Beijing2008Olympics.

“More is expected of you as an Olympian than as a Marine,” Herring says. “I’m not rah-rah-rah. I’m laid-back. I’m an average New Yorker. But it’s a small stage — there are fewer Olympians than Marines — so it’s a higher standard.” – nypost

Boxing: #LI Jamel Herring, 26, is the co-captain for the U.S. boxing team, and Sergeant in the U.S. Marines! He has been on the all-Marine boxing team since 2008, and the first New Yorker on the Olympic boxing team since Sergio Reyes in 1992 (same year Oscar de la Hoya won Gold for U.S.)! He grew up in Coram, LI and at 5-foot-10 141 lbs. (3% body fat) he will be fighting in the junior lightweight division!

Boxing: #SI Marcus Browne, 21, is fighting for the U.S. boxing team in the light heavyweight division. This 6-foot-2 southpaw talks about his rise from #SI to the main event! Check out the #exclusive video!

Gymnastics: #SouthBronx gymanist John Orozco, 19, tells an inspirational story! He talks about how he avoided the distractions of the streets, and how his family worked extra jobs to pay for him to train to be an #Olympian!

Alex Morgan hugs Megan Rapinoe after scoring her second goal, yesterday.

The #TeamUSA Women’s soccer beat France 4-2, yesterday! They came back in dramatic fashion (after being down 2-0 14 minutes into the match) w/ two goals by Alex Morgan, the quick wing, one header by Abby Wambach, and 25-foot rocket by HB Carli Lloyd! Check out the photo gallery from the match!

Darrelle Revis showed up for training camp this morning, and is still waiting for the #Jets to anti-up a new contract!

Five people were shot at a Rucker Park shoot-out, last night! Some #NBA Superstars (including Nate Robinson) were in attendance for the annual Entertainers Basketball Classic! Check out the video!