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Larkin, Santo inducted in the HOF!

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Cincinnati Reds SS Barry Larkin and Chicago Cubs 3B (and longtime Cubs broadcaster) Ron Santo were enshrined into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY yesterday! They were selected as the 298th and 299th member into the prestigious HOF. Sandy Carter, Gary Carters’ wife, was given a standing ovation, as a tribute video was played on the big screen. Gary Carter was inducted into the HOF, one year ago, and passed away shortly afterward after a long battle with cancer. Willie Mays and Yogi Berra were given a loud warm welcome, and Johnny Bench changed from Cincy Red to Chicago Blue (pic above) to honor both Larkin and Santo during the ceremony! Check out some HOF ceremony Photos!

“He said, ‘Always remember where you come from,’ ” Larkin said Bell told him, “ ‘and always take the time to smell the grass.’ ’’

“I said, ‘It’s enormous,’ ’’ Larkin said. “He said, ‘How big do you feel?’ I  said, ‘I feel like an ant. I feel so small.’ ’’

“He said, ‘That’s right. That’s how small we all are relative to the grand scheme of baseball. Don’t ever, ever lose that perspective.’ ” – nypost

“I wouldn’t have been in the big leagues if it wasn’t for Pete,” Larkin said, as the Reds fans in the crowd hooted and hollered and MLB Commissioner (Bud) Selig sat stone-faced on the dais.

“As a player I would often look in the mirror and question myself. ‘Am I doing enough? Is there more? Could I do something a little bit different?  Something better? Could I try harder? Is this the right thing to do?’ ’’ he said.

“As for those questions, no longer do I have to ask them. The answers are forever written on my plaque in Cooperstown. … My inclusion in the Hall of  Fame is the ultimate validation.’’ – nypost

Larkin played 19 years in the majors, and got into the Hall on his third ticket since retiring. He gave props to (banned) hometown hero Pete Rose for helping get into the majors, and praise to former teammate Buddy Bell for good words of advice. Rose was Larkins’ first manager, and they both grew up in the Cincinnati area.

“Ron’s life was never about the lows,” said his wife, Vicki, who delivered a poised and very eloquent acceptance speech. “He always made it about the highs.  … He said his ability to play baseball was a God-given gift. Playing the game was easy. It was only the diabetes that made the game hard.

“Looking back, he believed he was given the gift of talent as well as the  challenge of diabetes so that, through his hardship, he could shed light on a  cause and help others. And I think he would say that’s why he now has been given the greatest honor any athlete could ever hope for from a sport — to be included among the greatest players who ever set foot on earth.”

“Ron Santo was as much a guinea pig [for diabetes] as he was a baseball player,” Vicki said. “On a given day, he played doctor and patient as well as third base.”

“He was afraid they might take baseball away from him,” Vicki said. “That’s a  long time to keep a secret. … It never held him back. Not even after double  amputation because Ron Santo believed it’s not what happens to you in your life,  but how you handle what happens to you in your life.’’ – nypost

Chicago Cubs’ 3B Ron Santo (and longtime Cubs broadcaster) lived for baseball. He was elected to the HOF by the Hall’s Golden Era Committee, and passed away in 2010 from complications due to diabetes. He lost his legs over a decade ago, and still fought diabetes till his dying day. Santo later revealed that he secretly battled diabetes even early on his career. Santo and his family raised over $65 Million for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation over his lifetime.

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By vacating 112 Penn State victories over a 14-year period, the sanctions cost Paterno 111 wins. Former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden will now hold the top spot in the NCAA record book with 377. – espn

Over the weekend, #PennState received a heavy penalty for the Sandusky-child molestation scandal! After breaking news from the Freeh report came to light over a week ago, the university and public were made aware of and extensive and elaborate cover-up into the scandal. Besides the Paterno statue being removed, #PennState received a huge $60 Million dollar fine, wins from 1998-2011 were vacated, and #PennState is not eligible for the next four Bowl games!

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