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Houston welcomes ‘Linsanity’!

“Coming into free agency, I didn’t expect to be anywhere besides New York,” said the 23-year-old point guard at the packed press conference. “I wouldn’t have signed an offer sheet with Houston if I wasn’t excited about playing here.

“It has been an unbelievable ride. … I still have to kind of remind myself that this is all actually happening sometimes. … For me to be here right now,  I’m definitely excited and thankful.’’ – nypost

@SportsBata ..nuff said

Jeremy Lin AKA ‘Linsanity’ was introduced to Houston, yesterday! This time, the Houston (Rockets) vouch that #JLin will get his shot to play and run the offense! Remember #JLin was cut from Houston before the #Knicks picked him up off waivers. Knicks returning PG Raymond Felton has no qualms with #JLin departure from the #Knicks, and even said he is better than #JLin! The #Knicks put all their chips in to try to win a title this season, and many people in #NY believe the #Knicks have a better squad than the #Nets new super-squad!

The Boston Celtics officially inked a three-year deal worth $15 Million w/ SG Jason Terry, and are in the process of finalizing the sign-and-trade for SG Courtney Lee! The #Celtics got two for one after Ray Allen departed for #Miami!

#London2012Olympics #TeamUSA Basketball romped Great Britian, 118-78,  in an exhibition game in #London, yesterday! #Melo and #DWill scored 19 points apiece, #KingJames had 16 points, and #Westbrook added 15 points, as #TeamUSA carried a 40-point lead into the the fourth quarter! Go #TeamUSA!

“The view is that the teams would need a significant time; one, to sell the patch; and number two, for adidas to manufacture the uniforms, because the patch that would be on the players’ uniforms would also appear on the jerseys at retail,” said deputy commissioner Adam Silver, who is handling the uniform change.

“So the call is flagrant foul and then you go the tape, and you decide whether it’s a 1 or a 2, or in some rare instance, maybe even a common foul,” NBA Commissioner Stern said. espn

#NBA is now allowing small advertising patches on the uniforms starting in the 2013-14 season. #NBA also made a rule change to Instant Replay; a flagrant foul can be reviewed at any point in the game!