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Lin leaves the Big Apple!

@SportsBata ..nuff said

“Honestly, I preferred New York,” Lin told the website. “But my main goal in free agency was to go to a team that had plans for me and wanted me. I wanted to have fun playing basketball. … Now I’m definitely relieved.” – nypost

It is a sad day in #NY, as Jeremy Lin AKA #Linsanity #officially left the Big Apple! The #Knicks chose not to (go way over the luxury tax) pick up #Lin and match the Houston Rockets offer sheet! #Lin really wanted to stay in #NY#NY loves him [Video] (gave him a opportunity to shine), but #Lin got caught up trying to fetch big $$$ from the brass! Ironically, the same team that cut him before #NY is the same team bringing him back! #Knicks former coach Mike D’Antoni (who gave him his break) was surprised the #Knicks didn’t pick him up! I personally like #Lin, and called him out before he got red hot!

“Kris has been a very consistent player for us over the past two years,” Nets general manager Billy King said in a statement. “He has developed into one of the top rebounding forwards in the league, and we are very pleased to welcome him back.” – espn

Kris “Who” Humphries re-signed with the #Brooklyn Nets on a two-year deal worth a reported $24 Million! Check out the #Nets #brandnew #BK super-squad, as they prepare to #HelloBrooklyn! Definitely a Top-5 team in the #East!

“It’s a stupid idea,” Bryant told local reporters at the reception to welcome them to Manchester. “It should be a (player’s) choice.”

“Our discussion is this: Basically, it’s just a dumb idea and we (discuss) it that way,” Bryant said. … We just discuss it like that (and) kind of voice our  opinions through you (media) guys.” – nypost

#Kobe called out #NBA Commissioner David Stern silly notion about “Olympics should be 23-and-under”! #CP3 agreed w/ #Kobe! Stern was over in #London for the #Olympics, and said that since so many players are injured, that #OlympicBasketball should only be a 23-and-under affair! Check out the Commish’s idea below!

The change Stern favors is switching to a system similar to that used in men’s Olympic soccer — which is a 23-and-under competition with three overage players allowed per country — and allowing all NBA players to remain eligible for the quadrennial FIBA World Championship. That competition will be renamed the World Cup of Basketball in 2014 and, if eligibility changes also are made, theoretically sets up NBA owners to finally earn a share of revenues in return for allowing their top players to participate. At present, NBA teams get no revenue from the Olympic basketball tournament. – espn