Posted July 7, 2012 by BlueMagic in ThatsEnuff

New Music Trey Songz “Dive In”

With Trey Songz set to release his fifth album, entitled Chapter V, he seems to be dropping tracks left to right. He dropped Heart Attack, 2 Reasons and now he got Dive In. Check the new track out and look at the alleged track list for his upcoming album.

1. “Chapter V” (Intro)
2. “Dive In”
3. “Panty Wetter” (Interlude)
4. “Heart Attack”
5. “2 Reasons” feat. T.I.
6. “Go Hard” feat. Rick Ross
7. “Don’t Be Scared” feat. Lil Wayne
8. “Pretty Girl’s Life”
9. “Bad Decisions” feat. Big Sean
10. “Playin’ Hard”
11. “Forever Yours” feat. Kelly Rowland
12. “Inside Enterlude” (Interlude)
13. “Fumble” feat. Kanye West
14. “Without a Woman” feat. Wiz Khalifa
15. “Interlude 4 U” (Interlude)
16. “Simply Amazing”
17. “Ladies Go Wild” feat. J Cole
18. “Check Me Out”
19. “Turn On” (Bonus Track)
20. “Almost Lose It” (Bonus Track)