Posted June 26, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Champ Heat Parade and Rally!


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”It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had. … This was my dream, right here, to be able to hoist that Larry O’Brien Trophy up, hug it, grab it, never want to let it go,” James said. – foxsports

‘I appreciate all our fans for sticking with us,” the now two-time NBA champion Wade said, adding, ”Best fans in the world.” – foxsports

The Miami Heat celebrated their Championship with a massive Parade, yesterday, that ended up at the American Airlines Arena with a rally on stage! It was the same stage where ‘The Big 3’ first joined together in July 2010 to promise “1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Championships”! Well now, #KingJames and #Bosh got their first chip, and #Wade got his second! The place was electric with music bumping, and players smiling and dancing in ecstasy for over 90 minutes! The #Heat also revealed their replica trophy, that they put slashes on for every #Playoff win until they got to the ‘real’ Larry O’Brien trophy. Check out photos from the parade, raw rally video, #KingJames wedding crasher incident, and the parade video above!

In other #NBA News: Larry Bird is due to re-sign as President of the Indiana Pacers, #Brooklyn Nets erect “28th Birthday” billboard in front of D-Will’s house, #JRSmith opts out (contract) and is expected to re-sign with #Knicks, #JKidd is looking #Knicks or #Nets, and #Celtics Ray Allen seems interested in joining the #Champ #Heat?!