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Kobe tops international jersey sales!

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#Kobe topped the international jersey sales for the 2011-12 season! It is the first time the #NBA released its list of top selling jerseys internationally. #Kobe also led the way in three regional subcategories including China, Europe, and Latin America. #Kobe has been the top seller in #China for the past six years. The NBA bases its list on sales data from adidas locations outside the United States (espn). Check out the top 5 winners chart below!

In other #NBA news: #OKC Kevin Durant was sued by an 1980’s guitarist over “Durantula” nickname, #Knick J.R. Smith is suing Chinese team to recoup $1Million in fines, Steve Nash is and is not interested in joining the #Knicks, and #Lebron is feeling better (after leg cramps) for Game 5 of the #NBAFinals OKC at Miami 9PM EST ABC Tonight!!!  

Top 5 International Jersey Sales:

1.Kobe Bryant LA Lakers PG
2. Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls PG
3. Lebron James Miami Heat F
4. Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics F
5. Dwight Howard Orlando Magic C