Posted June 14, 2012 by BlueMagic in News

**Update** Battle of the Bottles: Two Rappers Get Into Fight With Singer?

Allegedly, the 4 way love battle continues on. Allegedly last night Chris Brown got into a battle of throwing bottles with Meek Mill & Drake at W.I.P last night. Chris Brown posted a few tweets BUT then made friends with the delete button. Luckily I have those for you here.

Here’s a photo of the ALLEGED after math of the fight.

Chris Brown seems to be wearing a new scar on his chin due to this ALLEGED altercation.

And while everyone is including Meek Mill in the altercation, he apparently had this to tweet. Tell me if you believe it.

WOW! This situation is getting real serious. To think all of this started with Rihanna smh. My personal opinion, all this could have been avoided if Chris Brown would have just kept that sexy Bajan from the start. Any who, make sure to leave us your comments on your thoughts at the bottom.


Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg and Kayfoxx had a caller this morning on the morning show on Hot97 who apparently was there when the altercation happened.

And to add fuel to the fire, Chris Brown posted a tweet that left Drake high and dry, but what about Meek Mill?

As more photo’s are emrging, here is a pic of Chris Brown body guard (allegedly) and another shot of the inside of the club.

***UPDATE 2***
Now Roscoe Dash has inserted his 2 cents on the whole Meek Mill, Drake, and Chris Brown meele. And Meek Mill responds right back.

***UPDATE 3***

Here’s video of the altercation at W.I.P last night.