Posted June 2, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Johan Santana fires Mets First No-Hitter!

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#Destiny Everyone knows the Mets make Amazin’ happen from time to time! They did it ’69 and ’86, and once again last night! It took 8,020 games and 50 years, but the Amazin’ Mets finally got their first no-hitter! Johan Santana fired nine innings of perfection, and will forever be a legend in Mets history!

“Baxter’s catch was amazing,’’ Santana said. “Everybody worked as a team  tonight.’’ – nypost

It eluded the Mets for so many years, and became somewhat of their claim to fame. #Santana caught two breaks on his way to blazing his Amazin’ no-hitter (against the St. Louis Cardinals). Mets’ LF Mike Baxter got injured (jumping into the wall snagging a line drive) aiding in #Santana pursuit of perfection, and ex-Met Carlos Beltran ripped a line drive down the third base line in the sixth inning that was called foul, but was really a fair ball. Check out the final out on video below!