Posted May 27, 2012 by BlueMagic in Music


Beyonce made her tremendous return this weekend in Atlantic City at the Revels.  The Lady Obamas (Michelle and daughters) were attendance to enjoy the show. Beyonce concerts this Memorial Day Weekend are all sold out in record time. Seems like her fans were eager to welcome back the new mom. She told the crowd how they had her on the treadmill and eating lettuce to shed 60 pounds. This is her first concert or performance since announcing her pregnancy at the 2011 VMA.

In her Memorial Day Weekend performance she pays tribute to the late greats Whitney Houston, by singing a part in “I Will Always Love You”, and Donna Summer shout out during Naughty Girl which holds a sample of “Love to Love You”.  She also song a version of Lauryn Hill “Ex-Factor”. She even squeezed in Goo Goo Dolls “Iris” during her “If I Were A Boy” performance.  Her concert was rocking so much it drew her Husband, Jay-z, to put a tweet which is rare since he hardly tweets.

Here are some of the performances from Beyonce concert this weekend rocking out with her all female band.

She’s dope as hell tho. Just wanted to add that lol.