Posted May 25, 2012 by BlueMagic in News


In the words of Drake, last night was mad real. I attended NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving party out in West Orange, NJ at Club 4Sixty6 (yes he’s from New Jersey). The music was by DJ Shy and Hot97/Heavy Hitter DJ Wallah which almost caused the walls to cave in! The place was wall to wall with Kyrie Irving fans, friends and family to congratulate the young man on his accomplishment.

Kyrie Irving was draft 1st overall in the 2011 picks by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Australian-American played high school ball for St. Pats in Elizabeth, NJ. He then went on to play for Duke University where he averaged 17.4 points 5.1 assistant 3.8 rebound and 1.5 steals in playing only 11 games.

Right after his first year at Duke University and only playing 11 games, Kyrie decided to go to the pro’s. Don’t seem as a bad idea because this season he did 18.5 points 5.4 assist and 3.7 rebounds to snatch NBA Rookie of the Year.

Kyrie and Wallah chilling in the DJ Booth.

Crowd Shot

Full Club Shot

Kyrie Irving No VIP Hiding

Rookie of the Year Boogie’n to the left with the crowd

Kyrie Irving opening up the circle

Sparkles for the Rookie of the Year

Bottles sent to the DJ Booth w/ DJ Shy, Hot97 own Trey and DJ Wallah. Yours Truly as well.