Posted May 14, 2012 by BlueMagic in Heavy Hitters


DJ Enuff Heavy Hitter Pick of the Week is Meek Mill ft. Drake & Jeremiah “Amen”.  I asked the Heavy Hitter “El Presidente” why did he decide to use this as his pick of the week he responded, “It reminds me of a era around the time when Kanye West was coming into the game.  When he use to take a soulful record and turn it into a dope sample (shoutout Key Wane) with tight lyrics to marry together. It just gives a feeling of a complete song you can relate too. Makes you want to throw your hand up in the air like your in church and say “AMEN!” along with it.” (as he proceeds to throw his hand in the air and laughs)

Only Enuff could bring his explanation with this much feeling and expression. You got to feel it though, he makes a valid point. After listening to Meek Mill “DreamChaser 2” mixtape I was tempted to take a drive down to Geno’s Steaks and get me a nice philly cheese steak w/no onions. (yeah I know about that.) For those that’s been living under a rock and haven’t heard the mixtape yet, click the artwork in the bottom and it will take you directly where to go.