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#Eli hosts SNL! #Rihanna performs live! [Videos]

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Giants amazing QB Eli Manning got on SNL on Saturday night! He is actually pretty funny, even though he doesn’t seem like it in real life! Eli ripped on his brother Peyton, Tim Tebow, and show the kids what a positive role-model is all about! Check out some of #Eli skits and Rihanna “Birthday Cake” and #exclusive “Where have you been” on video below! In other #NFL news, the #Jets signed former Giants legend (QB Phil Simms) son, Matt Simms to a contract, a grandma tried out for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad, and over 200 surfers paddled out to honor R.I.P. Seau!

#Eli SNL introduction:


#Eli Tebowing on SNL:


#Eli schools the youth skit (low volume):


Rihanna performs “Birthday Cake”:


Rihanna performs #exclusive “Where have you been”: