Posted April 23, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

#UFC 145: Jones beats Evans, keeps light-heavyweight belt!

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Jon Jones won the unanimous decision over Rashard Evans on Saturday night to retain the #UFC 145 world light heavyweight championship belt! Jones (16-1) 84.5-inch reach is longest in UFC History, and he used it to his advantage hitting Evans with a barrage of kicks, elbows, and jabs! The fight turned into a boxing/kickboxing affair, as neither fighters left their feet until the final seconds of the last round! Jones was way ahead on the judge’s scorecard on each of the first three rounds: 49-46, 49-46 and 50-45, and a KO or submission would have the only answer for Evans in the final two rounds! Ironically, Jones, 24, and Evans, 32, use to be teammates under Greg Jacksons’ #MMA in Albuquerque. Evans (22-2-1) is no joke, and held the light heavyweight belt from Dec. 27, 2008, but lost the title in his only defeat, to Lyoto Machida, on May 23, 2009. Watch the #highlight video below! Info courtesy espn.