Posted April 22, 2012 by Global Vito in Style and Fashion

Introducing Busog A Unique new Clothing Company

Introducing Busog a unique new clothing company

Busog is a unique new clothing company, specializing in creating
clever designs, many of which feature company mascot, Panda Sal, who
personifying the company’s ethos and philosophy, “BUSOG means FULL “
Panda Sal gets his name from “Pandesal” which is also the Filipino
word for a traditional dish.

Already adopted by many high-profile personalities and media outlets
in both the entertainment and professional sports industries – who
have been drawn to the brand by its incredibly strong and contemporary
design sensibility – the list of endorsers currently ranges from

hip hop producer/rapper Lil Jon

recording artist Diego Cash,

NBA basketball superstars Iman Shumpert (NY

Fast becoming one of the most talked-about new clothing companies on
the street in the US, Busog has a fresh approach and strong values
that its founder hopes will ultimately help him to build a global
lifestyle brand, that includes not only apparel but a chain of
restaurants, paying homage to his homeland and the Busog philosophy of

BUSOG will be launching 2 New Era hats in July, one SnapBack and one
fitted. Lookout for it, their first SnapBack which was also sold at
Vinnie’s Styles were sold out in a day.