Posted April 20, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

#Knicks clinch playoff spot, Barkley says #Knicks ‘still stink’!

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The #Knicks clinched a playoff berth, and Barkley said that the Knicks ‘still stink’! The #Knicks clinched a playoff spot, last night, when the #9 Milwaukee Bucks lost to the Indiana Pacers; and #Stat will be back in the line-up tonight! The #Knicks take on the Cleveland Cavaliers 7:30PM EST MSG Tonight! 

“The Knicks still stink, dude,” Barkley said on the station’s morning show. “They’re not going anywhere [in the playoffs], they’re gonna be one-and-done.”

“I don’t dislike the Knicks,” Barkley said. “But they just don’t have a good team. I just told you, they’re the No. 7 seed. You guys act like they’re the No. 1 or 2 seed.”

“Let me tell you something, he’s never going to be drunk enough to take that Knicks job,” Barkley said. “That would be career suicide. I’m a big, big John Calipari fan, but he’s not gonna take that job — ’cause that ain’t a good job.” – foxsports

#NBA #HOF ‘Chuck’ AKA Sir Charles Barkley,  a current #TNT Broadcaster got on WFAN-Radio on Friday morning to voice his opinion on the #Knicks! He said the #Knicks “still stink”, even though #Melo is the best offensive player in the #NBA, and that they won’t make it past the first round “one and done”! He also said John Calipari would be committing career suicide if he tried to the coach the #Knicks! Check it out!