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#Lebron rallies Heat, Clips roll #OKC for playoff spot, and #Melo makes TV Cameo [Video]!

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@KingJames #Lebron scored the final 17 points and one-man rallied the Heat (over the Nets), the Clips rolled #OKC for a playoff spot, and #Melo made a TV Cameo! In other #NBA news, New Orleans (Hornets) will be the home of the 2014 #NBA All-Star game! The Hornets actually owned by the #NBA.

@KingJames #Lebron scored 37 points (and the final 17 points) to help the Miami Heat beat the NJ Nets, 101-98 last night! #Wade was out! The Heat never led until 51 seconds were left in the game, and James one-man rally proved to be the difference! #Lebron also had seven assists, six boards, two steals, and one block to add to his 37 points! #Bosh poured in 22 points and 15 big boards! For the Nets, Kris “Who” Humphries had 29 points and eight boards, #rookie Marshon Brooks had 24 points, seven boards and six assists, and Gerald Green added 15 points. The Nets are obviously out of the playoffs, and have been for a while. Hopefully the switch to Brooklyn will bring a better game. Check out #Lebron 17 straight point outburst to end the game video below!

#LobCity #LAClippers rolled #OKC Thunder, 92-77 last night, to clinch their first playoff berth in six years! The Clippers have come along a long way since the addition of @CP3 at the beginning of the season! Blake Griffin had 17 points and 11 boards, @CP3 had 12 points and 10 assists, and DeAndre Jordan added 12 boards, and #bench Nick Young scored game-high 19 points! #OKC @KDTrey5 had 24 points, but struggled with his shot (7-18)! #OKC Russell Westbrook shot even worse (4-16), and finished with just nine points! Check out Clips Randy Foye posterizing dunk on #OKC Serge Ibaka #highlight video below!

#Melo got on Showtimes “Nurse Jackie”, and played the part of a baseball player! Check out the video below and see if you think he got a shot at serious acting?

#Melo cameo on “Nurse Jackie”:


#Lebron scores final 17 points of the game:


Randy Foye posterizes Serge Ibaka: