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#Yankees bash Angels and salute #JackieRobinsonDay! #Tebow and #Wade receive boos at #Yankee stadium!

Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter stand w/ Jackie Robinson wife, Rachel

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The #Yankees bashed the Angels, 11-5 yesterday; everyone wore #42, and saluted Jackie Robinson! #Tebow and #Wade received boos at #Yankee stadium! Seperately, a couple is putting up $100K for a day with #Tebow!

“Being the last minority to be wearing this No. 42, it’s an honor and privilege  and a challenge to carry this legacy of the number that is attached to his  name,’’ Rivera said Sunday.

“I don’t think I can fully understand the sacrifices that he made and what he went through at that time. I didn’t grow up during that time,’’ Yankees ace CC Sabathia said. “My parents did. It had to be tough. It’s just good to be able to wear the number and to have guys recognize and understand that we wouldn’t be here without him.’’

“This day is the reason I get a chance to play this great game of baseball, Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier 65 years ago and doing a lot of things not only for baseball, but the civil rights movement,’’ Granderson said, with a figurine of Jackie Robinson sliding into a base on the shelf in his locker behind him.

The number of African-Americans playing in the big leagues has been slowly declining over the years. Granderson doesn’t see that as diminishing Robinson’s legacy.

“I don’t think Jackie’s image was to get just African-Americans to play, because in the Negro Leagues you had Latin Americans playing baseball because they couldn’t get a chance to play in the major leagues. It opened up doors for everybody. I think that’s the one thing he’d be proud of,’’ Granderson said. nydailynews

On #JackieRobinsonDay (April 15) everybody in #MLB wears #42 in honor of the first player to break the color barrier! The #Yankees beat the Angels, 11-5, on that special day, and #Mo, C.C., and #Cano spoke some words on the legend to start the game. #Jeter was red hot and went two-for-five with three RBI’s and one HR, and Raul Ibanez hit one out of the park! Pitcher Ivan Nova won his 14th straight decision. #Mo is actually one of the few that wears the #42 in honor of the legend! Robinson Cano got special made cleats with the #42 on them at the beginning of the year! Check out the ESPN and Foxsports Jackie Robinson videos!

#Jets #Tebow and #Heat #Wade attended the Yankees game, yesterday, and received boos from the crowd. A lot of NYer’s do not want #Tebow in NY, and wearing a Yankees brim is actually more of an insult, than him fitting in. If you look at his face, he does look a little shook. #Knicks G Iman Shumpert was also in attendance at the game!