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#LA tops #champ Mavs, Heat edge out Knicks, #Melo hosts Martin family, and #NBA approves Nets move to #Brooklyn!


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#LA topped the #champ Mavs, the Heat edged out the Knicks, #Melo hosted the Martin family, and the #NBA approved the Nets move to #Brooklyn! Check out the #NBA #highlights video above!

The LA Lakers beat the #champ Dallas Mavericks, 112-108, last night! #Kobe was out, but #Bynum was magnificent! #Bynum finished with 23 points and 16 boards! #LA Ramon Sessions got 22 points, #Pau had 20 points and 10 boards, and Metta World Peace added 18 points! For the Mavs, #Dirk brought game was big with 24 points and 14 boards, Delonte West had 20, Jason Terry had 21, and Shawn Marion added 10 points and 11 boards! Check out the #Bynum putback and #Pau to #Bynum oop on video above!

The Miami Heat edged out the NY Knicks, 93-85, yesterday! The Knicks came close, but the Heat held (on to the W)! It might be a playoff preview, and the Heat clinched the SouthEast division with the big win! #Melo had 42 points, nine boards, and five assists, while #JRSmith (16 points) was the only other Knicks to hit double digits! #Melo carried the Knicks on his back, but missed big shots in the fourth quarter! #Lebron had 29 points and 10 boards, #Wade had 28 points and nine boards, and Bosh finished with 16 points and 14 boards! Check out #Lebron scoop (Dr.J) styles lay-up #highlight video above, #Lebron nightly notable and the #Melo smooth move #highlight videos below!

“[It was] a blessing, an honor,” Anthony said after Knicks practice Saturday, in regards to meeting Martin’s family. “We all know the tragedy that happened, and just to get in a different space of mind right now, just bringing them to not even the game, but to the locker room in the back, meeting all the players, meeting the coaches, that was the easy part. We had no media there. It was just something that I wanted to do.” – espn

#Melo hosted the (Trayvon) Martin family (Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, and older brother, Jahvaris Fulton, 21, and 3 1/2 year old brother) when they came to NYC late last week! They came to the city to go to an interview with CNN on Thursday, but little did they know, that they would be gifted with #Melo hosting them at the Garden on Friday! First they had a private meeting w/ #Melo, and then posed for pictures. They did stay for the game (Knicks beat Wizards 103-65) because they are a private family and did not want to share the spotlight.

“We voted to formally approve the move, and the team name, which will be the Brooklyn Nets,” NBA commissioner David Stern said at a press conference Friday afternoon. Stern then went on to praise the team’s new home, where owner Mikhail Prokhorov held a press conference Tuesday.

“It’s an impressive building,” Stern said. “It’s on-time, it might be [a bit] early, perhaps as early as August, and open September 28, and sales of tickets and suites were reported to be doing well.”

Prokhorov and Barclays Center majority owner Bruce Ratner put out a statement as well. “We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to David Stern and the NBA team owners for their role in making the Nets’ move to Brooklyn a reality,” the statement said.

“Barclays Center will give the Nets a state-of-the-art new home and, together, we will give Brooklyn the great sports and entertainment experience it so deserves. We are looking forward to the opening of Barclays Center on September 28 and to the start of the next NBA season as the Brooklyn Nets.” – foxsports

“Brooklyn Nets” is official! The Nets went through the final hurdle, and were officially approved for their move to Brooklyn by the #NBA’s Board of Governers on Friday! The Barclays center on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn will officially open on September 28, but may be ready in August!

#Lebron races to MVP:


#Melo smooth move to the hoop: