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Jets sign #Aussie Rugby star, Giants sign safety, and Mets re-sign Niese!

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The NY Jets signed an #Aussie Rugby star, Hayden Smith, to play TE this season, the Giants signed safety Stevie Brown, and the Mets re-signed pitcher Jonathon Niese to a five-year contract worth $25.5 Million!

The Jets are willing to take chances, e.g. #Tebow trade! Well now, the Jets have decided to back-up their TE Dustin Keller with a Australian Rugby star! It is a risk, but Hayden Smith, 26, is a beast, 6-foot-6 265 lbs, and many believe that Rugby is football with no pads! Smith has been in the states before: playing college basketball at Division II Metropolitan State in Denver and he was part of the 2011 US Rugby team. He also played professional Rugby in England. Smith’s mentor, Tim Brewster, University of Minnesota coach, leaked out the trade through his twitter a couple of days ago! Check it out!

“A lot of coaches shy away from guys who haven’t played the game, because it is  an exhausting process,” Brewster told The Daily Telegraph of Australia. “To me,  that’s the exciting part. Taking a piece of clay like that. And I am going to  tell you Hayden Smith is one beautiful piece of clay. Just mold him into what  you want him to be.” – nypost


Hayden Smith has signed with the Jets! Really think this guys upside in the NFL is huge!

Football makes sense to him. Understands concepts, a one-time learner. Smart with great work ethic = NFL player.

The Giants signed safety Stevie Brown! He is 24 years old and has two years of #NFL experience under his belt. He was seventh-round draft pick for the Raiders in 2010 (coming out of Michigan). He played 15 games for the Raiders as a rookie, and then only eight games (injured reserve) for the Colts last season.

The Mets re-signed pitcher Jonathon Niese to a five-year deal worth $25.5 Million! If he stays solid, the Mets also included club options of $10 Million for 2017 and $10.5 Million for 2018! He could make up to $46 Million over the next seven years! The Mets opening day is today! The Atlanta Braves at the NY Mets 1:10PM EST SNY!