Posted April 3, 2012 by Global Vito in Music

@KnightPKF- “SMOOVIN” [Video]

Knight- Smoovin [Video]

Facing a struggle at an early age Knight learned to be humble and accept things as they came to him but was hungry and persistent to see his dream of becoming a hip-hop artist come true. Making a dream a reality “Ladies Love Knight” was born. This young modern smooth operator is known for writing music that exposes his experiences of growing up on the rough Brooklyn streets but he’s also known for putting something to the side for the ladies, sweeping them off their feet with his authentic lyrics, debonair looks and hip-hop swag.
Knight is currently capturing the attention of many as his unique flow which differs from many artists today make its way into the hearts in minds of those that listen. Being Cosigned by many such as hip hop legend and actor Ice T, rapper TI, Def Jam records executive “Lenny S” and hitting NYC red carpets, appearing on celebrity websites such as Getty Images, Wire Image, Film Magic and getting air play on one of hip-hop’s hottest radio station in NYC, shows that Knight is definitely one of hip-hops rising stars that is on his grind and is making his way to the top in the music industry. Knight not only writes his own music but he’s capable of writing songs for others as he is an artist/rapper/song writer which shows that he is a jack of more than one trade. He’s a businessman in his own right as he was able to start his own company “Plenty Kash Flow Ent” using the correct elements to get him to where he is today.

Knight is currently promoting his single “SMOOVIN” and will be soon releasing his EP “LADIES LOVE KNIGHT” in the near future. Knight is definitely one of hip hop next megastars.