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Revis calls Jets “Tebow circus” and Nike sues Reebok over #Tebow jerseys!

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#Jets #superstar CB Darrelle Revis called his team the #Tebow circus and Nike sued Reebok for releasing #Tebow jerseys w/o their permission! In other #NFL news, OT gets a rules change makeover and former Giants RB Brandon Jacobs signed with the #Niners for a one-year deal worth up to $2 Million!

Jets locker room is “Disarray right now,” Revis said.

“It was a circus, and it’s going to be even more of a circus with him in the  locker room,” Revis said. “I’m not questioning his ability to play the game. He  can flat out play the game, but it’s just going to bring more to the locker room  of every day: ‘Does Mark need to start? Does Tim need to start?’ It’s going to  just be an ongoing thing throughout the whole season.” – nypost

#Jets ‘star’ CB Darrelle Revis got on ESPN SportsCenter and said the “locker room is in complete disarray” and “the Jets are really a circus with the acquisition of QB Tim Tebow!

Nike sued Reebok for releasing #Jets #Tebow jerseys w/o their permission! The trade occurred just before Nike takes over for Reebok as ‘the’ supplier for #NFL apparel. A temporary restraining order was placed on the further distribution of the Reebok #Tebow apparel on Wednesday! Check out the full article!