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#Knicks demolish Magic, #Rondo gets fancy, and @CP3 connects w/ Blake Griffin for the jam! [Videos]

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#MSG #Knicks demolished the Magic, 108-86, last night, #Celtics ‘nifty’ PG #Rondo got fancy, and @CP3 connected w/ Blake Griffin for the monster jam! Knicks legend/HOF Patrick Ewing is also interested in coaching the Knicks! Check out all the #NBA #highlight videos below!

The NY Knicks demolished the Orlando Magic, 108-86, last night! The #Knicks perservered and dominated w/o #Stat (out 2-4 weeks back) and #JLin (sore knee)! The #Knicks were ahead by 39 points at one point; #MSG was rocking, and the Knicks broke .500 once again! #Shumpert scored a career-high 25 points, plus seven boards and four assists! #Melo was a monster w/ 25 points, six assists, and five boards! The #Knicks D was ferocious, outrebounding the Magic 49-34! Chandler shut Howard down; forcing him into six TO’s and holding him to 12 points! The #Knicks have won eight of their last nine games since interim coach Mike Woodson took over, but have a tough enuff schedule ahead! Check out Bibby to JR Smith and Baron Davis to Chandler on the oops, and Shumpert slams w/ conviction #highlights below!

#Celtics nifty PG (Rajon) Rondo got fancy in the lane and hooked up Brandon Bass for the easy slam, last night! The #Celtics went on to win 94-82 over the Utah Jazz, have won five in a row, and now are tied w/ the #Sixers atop the Atlantic East division! #Rondo had 14 assists in the game, and KG led the #Celtics w/ 23 points and 10 boards! Check out the #highlight video below!

#LobCity #LAClippers @CP3 connected w/ Blake Griffin for the monster jam, last night! The Clippers went on to beat the Phoenix Suns, 103-86, and now have won five straight home games! They are only two games back from the LA Lakers in the Pacific Division! @CP3 finished with 15 boards and 15 assists, and Griffin threw down 27 points and 14 boards for the Clips! Check out the #highlight video below!

#Knicks Mike Bibby connects w/ JR Smith on the monster alley-oop:


Baron Davis connects w/ Tyson Chandler on the oop:


#Shumpert slams w/ authority:


#Rondo got fancy in the lane and dishes to Brandon Bass for the easy slam:


@CP3 hooks up with Blake Griffin for the monster jam on Channing Frye: