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Legendary boxing writer ‘Sugar’ passes at 75

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“Just his intelligence and his wit and his sense of humor,” Sugar’s daughter Jennifer Frawley said when asked what she will remember about her father. “He was always worried about people. He was always helping people.”

“He was really a brilliant man,” she said.

“Around ringside, it’s not going to be the same with Bert not there,” said Jack Hirsch, the president of the Boxing Writers Association of America.

“Bert was obviously a showman in the way he did things outwardly, very flamboyant, but in quiet moments I found him to be an extremely modest individual,” Hirsch said. espn

Legendary boxing writer and historian, Bert Sugar, known for his fedora and ever-present cigar passed away at 75, yesterday. He passed away following a battle with lung cancer. He was a brilliant man who wrote over 80 books, including “100 Greatest Boxers of all-time”, and appeared in a handful of movies, including “The Great White Hype”. Bert was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2005 for his accolades, and could always be seen ringside at the big fights. Bert was born in D.C. in 1936, graduated from Maryland and finished law in Michigan. He passed the bar in D.C. and went on to advertising in NYC in the 70’s. He started his brilliant writing career from there. He will be missed by many, and surely never forgotten! When u look ringside of a big fight, he will still be standing there w/ his iconic fedora and cigar! R.I.P. to a ringside writing legend… Bert Sugar!