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#JLin leads Knicks over Sixers, and shows love for #Tebow! Fisher signs w/ #OKC!

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#JLin led the Knicks over the Sixers, 82-79, last night, and showed his love for Jets newbie Tim Tebow! Lakers Derek Fisher rejected his trade to the Rockets, and signed with #OKC Thunder! Additionally, the Knicks #MSG are adding ‘Coke signs in Chinese’; extending the worldwide ‘Linsanity’ craze!

#JLin led the Knicks over the Sixers, 82-79, last night! The Knicks have now won five-straight since interim coach Mike Woodson took over for coach D’Antoni! Talk about clutch, #JLin scored 16 of his 18 points in the fourth quarter! #Stat led scoring with 21 points, and added nine boards! #Melo had 10 points on a sub-par 5-15 shooting! Give credit, the Knicks D stepped up, and they got timely boards on the Sixers! #Shumpert only scored four points, but pulled eight boards for the Knicks!

“It’s awesome. I’m just excited for him [Tebow] and to see what he does,” Lin said after  delivering a huge fourth quarter in the Knicks’ 82-79 win over the 76ers last  night. “We’ll see what happens next year, but I’m excited obviously that he’s going to be in New York.”

“I’ve only talked to him like once,” Lin said. “But he’s a great guy from everything I hear, and the conversation I had with him was great as well.” – nypost

During the game last night, #JLin showed love for #Tebow coming to NY! #Tebow was traded to the NY Jets, yesterday, following the big Manning trade to Denver!

“Especially this season, it seemed to be a negative thing that I was 37,” Fisher said after scoring five points in 19 minutes in Oklahoma City’s 114-91 win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

“So I just wanted to send a message that the Thunder organization and I see it as a positive that I’m a guy that can still help a team be successful and compete for a championship at the age of 37.” – espn

The Lakers traded Derek Fisher to the Houston Rockets over a week ago! Fisher, 37, ended up buying out his contract with the Rockets, and got picked up by the #OKC Thunder! Basically, he gave up $3.4 Million to make $1 Million with the Thunder! Fisher isn’t bitter with the Lakers, but feels he still got game! He changed his number to 37 to reflect his age, and put a positive spin on it! Fisher scored five points in his #OKC debut, last night!