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Jets sign Landry, Giants part w/ Ross, and Manning inks mega-deal!

L to R: former Giant CB Aaron Ross, former Redskin S LaRon Landry

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The #Jets signed S LeRon Landry, the #Giants parted w/ CB Aaron Ross, and ‘Super’ Peyton Manning inked a mega-deal with the Broncos! The Miami Dolphins also picked up QB David Garard, who was on the Jags in 2010, but hasn’t played since with a herniated disk.

“After spending time with the organization as a whole, I just felt that signing with the Jets was the right thing to do,” Landry said in a team statement. “When you factor in that Rex coached my brother (Dawan) and the family-oriented demeanor, it just felt like home. It made the decision real easy for me. They have a top-notch support staff and facility and I really feel that I can prosper here.” – espn

The NY Jets signed S LeRon Landry to a one-year contract worth $4 Million! The Jets picked him up off the free-agent market; released by the Washington Redskins!

Landry, the No. 6 overall pick in 2007, missed 15 games over the last two seasons because of an Achilles-tendon issue. He reportedly was told by the Redskins to have surgery to remove bone spurs from the tendon area, but he opted for alternative medicine procedures. – espn

The NY Giants parted ways with CB Aaron Ross! He signed a three-year contract worth up to $15.3 Million with the Jacksonville Jaquars! Ross was pitted to be the premier cornerback for the Giants, 2007 first-round pick (#20 Texas), but never quite lived up to expectations! The Giants did not pursue Ross, and allowed him to go in free-agency.

Peyton Manning inked a deal with the Denver Broncos for five-years worth $96 Million! The official announcement will be made at a Broncos press conference at 3PM Today! Where will #Tebow go next?