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Dolphins trade WR Brandon Marshall to the Bears, Bucs sign free-agent WR Vincent Jackson, and Lions re-sign WR Calvin Johnson to mega-deal!

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#NFL The Dolphins traded superstar WR Brandon Marshall to the Bears, the Bucs signed big free-agent Vincent Jackson, and the Lions re-signed top WR Calvin Johnson to a mega-deal! Both the Bears and the Dolphins were aware of Marshall’s recent NY nightclub fight before the trade took place! In other free-agency news, the Saints re-signed WR Marques Colston and Peyton Manning has reportedly narrowed the field down to two teams! Check out the live NFL free agency latest moves!

“Both the Bears and Dolphins were aware of what occurred over the weekend,” Bears GM Phil Emery said in a statement reported by the Chicago Tribune. “We decided to move forward with the trade. We have high expectations for Brandon as a Bear.” – nypost

The Miami Dolphins traded superstar WR Brandon Marshall to the Bears for a 2012 and a 2013 first-round pick! Both the Dolphins and the Bears were aware of Marshall’s Sunday night melee at Manhattan Chelsea nightclub before the trade was completed. Marshall reportedly punched a woman, Christin Myles, 24, in the face following an argument that started in the club, and ended up outside on the street. Remember a year ago, Marshall filed a domestic charge after being stabbed by his girlfriend. Although Marshall put up his best numbers this year, made his third Pro-Bowl, the Dolphins were looking to part ways with him due to off-the-field drama and chemistry issues with his teammates.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed free-agent WR Vincent Jackson to a five-year deal worth $55,555,555 with $26 Million guaranteed! Jackson will get $26 Million in the first two years and $10 Million in the third year. Jackson had seven productive years with the San Diego Chargers, but contract disputes, restricted free-agency, and a franchise tag started to hang over him. The Charger finally released him, and allowed him to step in the free-agent market.

The Detroit Lions re-signed/secured WR Calvin Johnson, and extended his contract to seven years worth $130 Million! That actually helps free up salary cap room for the Lions, who before the deal would have had to account $22 Million of the $120 Million available cap room to Johnson alone.