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T.J. Ford retires, Knicks surrender six-straight, Celtics outlast Clippers, Rose dunks w/ authority, and Blake Griffin puts on a show!

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Spurs T.J. Ford retired, the Knicks surrendered six straight, the Celtics outlasted #LobCity #LAClippers, Rose dunked w/ authority, and Blake Griffin put on a show!


”Man sorry to hear about my 03 draft classmate TJ Ford! Get healthy and hopefully see u back on the court someday!”

”I succeeded at beating the odds, of being the little guy, making it to the NBA and lasting as long as I did,” Ford said. ”I think I achieved a lot. I know I didn’t have the career I anticipated and everyone anticipated, me having been the player of the year (at Texas). But I think I still had a successful career.” – foxsports

”If it’s anybody else, it’s just a regular play,” Ford said at a Spurs practice before Monday’s game against Washington. ”But because of me and my condition, a simple elbow in the back has a different outcome than hitting someone else in the back.” – foxsports

San Antonio Spurs T.J. Ford announced his retirement, yesterday, due to recurring spine and neck injuries. Ford was only 28 years old, and played for the Bucks, Raptors, Pacers, and Spurs in his short career. He was the eighth over-all pick in the 2003 #NBA Draft out of Texas! He won the Naismith and Wooden player of the year at Texas, and was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks!

After only 55 #NBA games, Ford suffered a devastating injury on a collision with T-Wolves player; that sent him hard to the floor, landing on his tailbone. The fall rattled his spine, and sent a paralyzing sensation through his body. He was carted off on a stretcher, and returned to the #NBA a year later after spinal fusion surgery.

Ford played well the next couple of years, averaging around 15 points and seven assists with the Raptors and Pacers. He was eventually put into the back-up role, and shorter minutes with nagging symptoms from the devastating injury.

On March 7 against the Knicks, Baron Davis inadvertantly elbowed Ford in the back, sending him face first into the ground. Ford was laid out on the floor motionless with muscles twitching. He was pulled off the court in a stretcher in what would be his last #NBA game.. Salute to T.J. Ford: a young man, little man w/ a big heart, who defied the odds, and made it in the #NBA for years after a devastating injury. Lebron got on twitter to show him some love! Check out Lebron twitter and Ford closing comments above, and T.J. Ford in the mix video below!

The NY Knicks lost to the Chicago Bulls, 104-99, last night, and surrendered six-straight! #Melo was missing shots in the final minutes; and #Stat was on fire! #J-Lin had 15 points and eight assists on a mediocre 4-11 shooting! Bulls Derrick Rose had 32 points, and threw down the #highlight monster dunk! Check out the Rose #highlight video below!

The Boston Celtics outlasted #LobCity #LAClippers, 94-85, last night, despite Blake Griffin putting on a show! The Celtics held on with a late rally led by Paul Pierce, who scored 10 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter! KG had 21 points and eight boards, and Rajon Rondo added 12 points and 10 assists! Ray Allen hit some big shots tossing in 15 points! Clippers CP3 was held to 14 points and only five assists, but Blake Griffin put on a show with 24 points, nine boards, and three #highlight dunks! DeAndre Jordan added to the #highlight reel by grabbing Rondo shot out of mid-air! Check out Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan #highlights on video below!

T.J. Ford in the mix:


Derrick Rose monster jam:


Mo Williams lob to Blake Griffin on the reverse alley-oop:


Blake Griffin hard left-handed dunk in the lane:


Blake Griffin putback dunk:


DeAndre Jordan palms Rajon Rondo’s shot: