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#Giants re-lease Jacobs, #Jets re-sign Sanchez!

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The #Giants cut RB (Brand0n) Jacobs; the #Jets stop pursuing ‘Super’ (Peyton) Manning and re-signed QB Mark Sanchez!

The Giants could not come to an agreement with RB Brandon Jacobs, and he was released to free-agency, yesterday! Jacobs, 29, was a 2005 fourth-round draft pick out of Southern Illinois, and won two Super Bowls with the Giants! When they needed a yard, he would get them there. Jacobs parts ways the fourth leading rusher (4,849 yds) in franchise history, and franchise leader (56) in rushing TD’s. Jacobs likes the Jets!

“It’s been a great ride,” Jacobs said. “It’s a great organization, a stand-up organization. I had fun. Won two Super Bowls here. I accomplished a lot in my  career as a professional athlete here. That’s it. It’s been a good ride. Time to move on.” – nypost

“Brandon helped us win two world championships,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said in a statement. “He always did what was in the best interest of the team. No matter what you asked him to do, he performed and played in whatever role we asked him to perform. He really was a team player.” – espn

The Giants and Jacobs could not come to an agreement on his contract. The two sides were hung up on a $500K discrepancy! Jacobs was set to make $4.4 Million in 2012, plus $500K roster bonus was due on Mar 17, and $100K workout bonus! The Giants did not want to pay him that, and saved $5 Million in salary cap with the move! Jacobs numbers were down last season, with only 571 yards from scrimmage and 3.8 yards per carry, and the Giants now have a plethra of RB’s: Ahmad Bradshaw, D.J. Ware, Da’Rel Scott and Andre Brown. I believe it was a bad move, two-arm RB’s can’t be beat, Jacobs came through with some big plays when it counted (in both Super Bowls), and can get that extra yard!

“Five hundred thousand dollars apart and we still couldn’t get it done,’’ Jacobs said. “I wanted to stay, no question. This whole thing happened over 500 grand, that was it. Five hundred grand was the tale of the tape.’’

Still, Jacobs said, “I’ve been with this organization for seven years and I can’t say nothing bad about it.’’ – nypost

The Jets skipped over shopping ‘Super’ (Peyton) Manning and re-signed QB Mark Sanchez to a three-year extension worth $40.5 Million, last night! If you add the two years remaining on his old deal, the Jets locked him up through 2016! The complete contract is worth $58.25 Million over five-years with $20.5 Million guaranteed over the first two-years! With $10 Million in escalators, Sanchez could make up to $68.25 Million in the next five-years! He now holds the sixth or seventh largest big $$$ contract for a QB in the #NFL! Check it out!

“We feel really good about Mark as our starter,” Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum said on a conference call late Friday night. “Like all players there are definitely areas that can be improved it. But with a three-year body of work we felt good about the direction of Mark and Rex [Ryan] as the head coach/quarterback combination.”

“I completely understand it now, especially after being in the NFL for three years now, that this is a business,” Sanchez said. “The team has its obligation to consider all its options. I’m excited the Jets believed in me and that I was the guy they wanted to move forward with in the future.”

“The best part about it is they chose to stick with me,” Sanchez said. “I’m going to be the starting quarterback for the next three years here. That’s  exciting. It gives the team just a reminder that I’m the leader of this team.” – nypost