Posted March 8, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

#NBA Highlights: Buzzer-Beaters times three and Lebron 360!

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Check out the #NBA highlights from last night: Buzzer-Beaters times three and Lebron 360 degree slam! In terms of buzzer-beaters: #Nets (Jordan) Farmar hit a game-winner to shock the #LAClippers, Bulls (Derrick) Rose hit a spectacular buzzer-beater to beat the Bucks, and rookie Kyrie Irving lifted the Cavs over the Nuggets with his last second lay-up! Lebron nailed a 360 degree slam! The Nets finally made the highlights, and Where was Lebron during the Slam-Dunk contest?

Buzzer-Beaters times three:


Lebron 360 degree slam: