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#NBA highlights: #Kobe not-so-fast buzzer beater, #Lebron half-court buzzer beater, and #Wade circus shot!

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Check out the #NBA highlights from last night! They were fully loaded on tape, but didn’t mean much on paper! #Kobe hit a buzzer beater (to go to OT), but the Lakers still lost the game. #Lebron hit a half-court buzzer beater, but the Heat were already 30 points ahead! #Wade did a smooth move to the hoop for a ridiculous circus shot lay-up, but hurt his ankle a little later, and only scored 13 points in the game. Seperately, Knicks’ (Tyson) Chandler received his Championship ring, last night! Check out the videos below!

NY Knicks Tyson Chandler received his Championship ring, for being on the Mavs 2010-11 Championship team, in a short ceremony (video below) before the Knicks-Mavs game, last night! The Mavs stunted the Knicks, 95-85! Catch the Knicks @ Spurs 8:30PM EST MSG Tonight!

#Kobe not-so-fast buzzer beater:


#Lebron half-court buzzer beater:


#Wade smooth moves to the hoop for the circus shot:


Chandler receives his Championship ring in a short ceremony: