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Spike Lee schools #NFL talent, #Giants release Super Bowl XLVI Champs video!

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Spike Lee schooled #NFL talent in a “Music in Today’s Film, TV, and advertising” seminar at the NYC Business of Music Boot Camp, last week, and the #Giants released a video of their miraculous 2011 Championship season earlier today!

Spike Lee spoke to 20 current and former #NFL players, last week, during the four day Business of Music Boot Camp, at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. Lee spoke on Tuesday during his seminar entitled, “Music in Today’s Film, TV, and Advertising.” He told the players that the music is the big part to the movie, tells a story, and even carries significance over the cinematography, script, and stars in the film!  He got into the ‘Count your pennies’ theory where just because you’re a sports star, does not translate/guarantee success in the music and/or film industry. Some #NFL players attending the seminar included: former Steeler and current Cardinal lineman Chukky Okobi, Torry Holt, Brandon Lloyd, Antoine Bethea, Bryant McKinnie and Al Harris! Check out Okobbi’s comments on the seminar below!

The seminars were an offshoot of the NFL’s Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program attended by more than 700 current and former players since 2005.

“He was an incredible instructor,” former Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman Chukky Okobi told me and co-host Randy Cross on Sirius XM NFL Radio. “He really was able to explain to us some of the choices he’s made over the years in some of the movies we know and love and how the music plays such a big part in telling the story — as big a part as any of the cinematography, the script and the stars of the film.

“To have that knowledge really lets you know how music can affect us and touch people. That’s how some artists, including him, are able to communicate to the rest of the world.”

“The ‘Counting Your Pennies’ seminar was huge and probably a bit of an eye-opener for some guys,” said Okobi, who released “Buc Town,” an unofficial hip-hop theme song for the 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates, under his Chuk Wun stage name. “Just because you have enough money to throw at it doesn’t guarantee success. You have to approach it like a business. Just because you play and automatically think that you’re going to be embraced in that (music) community, it’s a fallacy. You’re delusional.” – foxsports

#BigBlueApple The #Giants released their official video “Super Bowl XLVI Champions: New York Giants” earlier today under Vivendi! The video talks about their miraculous 2011 season going from barely .500 to Super Bowl Champions! They became the first team ever with a 9-7 record to go onto win the Super Bowl! The video shows the glaring comparisons between the 2007 and 2011 Super Bowl wins! A special screening of the video w/ #Giants Eli, Nicks, Pierre-Paul, Manningham, and Rolle will take place tonight in NYC! Read more.. below!

Two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, along with teammates Hakeem Nicks, Jason Pierre-Paul, Mario Manningham and Antrel Rolle will be on hand tonight for a special screening of the video at Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 Cinema on 42nd Street. – nypost