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#Knicks show swagga with late rally!

Iman Shumpert looks away and Steve Novak does the Aaron Rodgers celebration

@SportsBata ..nuff said

#KnicksTape #WeWantNovak #Linsanity The #Knicks showed some swagga with a late rally led by the bench crew! The #Knicks beat the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers, 120-103, in what ended up a blow-out, last night! J-Lin had 19 points, 13 assists and a bloody nose, #Melo had 22, but the bench (50 pts) came thru in the second half, when the Knicks were down 17 points! The late attack was led by back-up PG Baron Davis (8 assists) who dished to Steve Novak, who hit five consecutive three’s in the second half for 17 points! In fact while the #MSG crowd was cheering “We Want Novak”, Novak was trending worldwide on twitter! Iman Shumpert was picking pockets with three steals, and scored 12 points! Don’t forget about starter Tyson Chandler who was spectacular with 13 points, 15 boards, four blocks, and three steals!

The #highlights were ridiculous: Shumpert had a nasty throw-down before halftime, BD to J.R. Smith alley-oop, J-Lin to #Stat for the slam, and J-Lin to Shumpert for the alley-oop! Check out the #highlights below!

Shumpert nasty throw-down just before halftime:


Baron Davis to J.R. Smith on the reverse alley-oop:


J-Lin passes to #Stat for the Slam:


J-Lin to Shumpert on the long-distance alley-oop: