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#NBA All-Star Saturday #BigWinners!


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Check out the #bigwinners for the #NBA All-Star Saturday: Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Shootout, Skills Challenge, and Shooting Stars Challenge! Check out the #NBA All-Star Game 7:30PM EST TNT Tonight! #Kobe will make his 14th All-Star appearance, and #Melo will be repping the NY Knicks!

Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz took the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest by storm, dunking over teammate Gordon Hayward, while dunking two balls in the same basket on the alley-oop (video above)! The dunk contest was seriously lacking star power with no-name: Chase Buddinger, Paul George, and Derrick Williams! Evans got on the dunk contest with persistence; by sending YouTube videos repeatedly to the #NBA officials!

#T-Wolves Kevin Love beat out #OKC Kevin Durant 17-14 in the final round of Foot Locker Three-Point Contest!

Spurs’ Tony Parker (32.8) beat out Celtics’ Rajon Rondo (34.6) and Nets D-Will (41.4) in last round of the Taco Bell Skills Challenge! Parker broke the 30 second mark on his first attempt (29.2 seconds)! Skill Challenge is a combination of making shots, making passes through tires, and running around obstacles!

Team NY #Knicks with former Knick Allan Houston, Landry Fields, and NY Libertys’ Cappie Poindexter won the Haier Shooting Stars Challenge Challenge with a (37.3) time in the final round! Each player has to make their shot from a different spot before the next player (on their team) can shoot, and then a halfcourt shot must be made to finish the round!