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#JLin Knicks News

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“This was the arrangement when he came to the team,” said Zhao. “Every practice we let him know. If he expressed to us that he wasn’t going to come to practice, we’d tell him that in accordance with our contract, we’re deducting money from your salary. And he’d always get back to us with, ‘Whatever. If you’re going to take it, then just take it.’” – foxsports

Knicks newbie J.R. Smith was fined $1.06 Million in China for missing practices when he was on the team!

Adidas is bringing J-Lin jerseys over to China in mass amounts across 6,700 stores! J-Lin jersey is the top selling jersey in the #NBA! Modell’s sold about 10,000 J-Lin jerseys in the past week alone, and has orders for 160,000 in the coming days.

J-Lin has a new book coming out in May titled: “Jeremy Lin: The Reason for the Linsanity,” by Timothy Dalrymple

J-Lin is moving on up, and just rented out a condo at the W Hotel in NYC financial district. He already has an apartment at the Trump Tower in White Plains. The Knicks practice facility is in Greenburgh out of Westchester county.

NY Knicks voice Spero Dedes was disciplined by MSG network on Tuesday, after news came out that he uttered a racial slur towards J-Lin. Two ESPN analyst already lost their jobs for similar remarks.

Knicks Iman Shumpert withdrew from the Sprite Slam-Dunk contest due to a nagging knee injury. The contest takes place on Saturday Feb 25 during #NBA All-Star Weekend festivities in Orlando.

Atlanta Hawks @ NY Knicks #MSG 7:30PM EST MSG Tonight!