Posted February 20, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Iverson offered indoor soccer deal?!

@SportsBata ..nuff said

“Allen Iverson is one of the premier athletes of our time,” said Lancers vice president Rich Randall.

“With his athleticism and competitive hunger, I think he can be a great fit with our team and fans as we make an important playoff push, while also driving interest to an exciting, growing sport.” – foxsports

Allen Iverson has been offered a great deal by the MISL Rochester Lancers?! He would make $20K per game, $5K for each goal he scores, and win and merchadise bonuses. On average, 12 goals are scored in each (Major Indoor Soccer League) game. The Lancers are looking to gain popularity through famous endorsements. Although it is strange and unusual to imagine A.I. in cleats, he has been broke, so he may take them up on the offer.

After collecting a reported $154 Million over his brilliant #NBA career; Iverson has supposedly hit the skids lately. Late last month, Iverson was ordered to pay $860K to an Atlanta jeweler. Iverson did not have the money, so the judge ordered his bank accounts commandeered and his earnings garnished.