Posted February 19, 2012 by Global Vito in Music

@KatHue- “Gangsta”

Kat Hue’s New Single “Gangsta” Shade’s Of Grey dropping Feb 29th!

Kat Hue was born July 29, 1990, as Katriana Sandra Huguet, in Miami, Fl to Jorge Huguet and Elisabet Milian. Of Cuban decent, it was no surprise that Kat Hue’s first signs of promise were noticed while reciting classic Cuban artists during childhood, as she would frequently put on shows for her family, using only the living room as her stage. These classic sounds of Celia Cruz, Billy Holiday, Janis Joplin, and Bob Marley, that resonated through that living room would later influence the natural, and hauntingly unforgettable voice that strikes its way from her heart and, more importantly, her soul.