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City Council puts pressure on MSG and TWC

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“It has been reported that discussions between the two sides have recently  taken place for the first time in nearly two months,” Quinn wrote MSG Chairman James Dolan and Time Warner CEO Glenn Britt.

“If these discussions cannot produce a resolution within two weeks, the City Council will hold hearings and request that both parties explain themselves to  the public . . . At a time when all New Yorkers are getting together behind Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks, now is the time to resolve this dispute once and for all.” – nypost

NY City Council Speaker Cristine Quinn fired off letters to MSG and TWC to resolve their contract issues. She gave them two weeks to settle their issues before she brings the two sides to a public hearing. Over 2 million (Time Warner Cable) subscribers have been blacked out of MSG service since Jan 1, when the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement. MSG wanted a 53% increase, and TWC did not want to pay that increase.

Queen’s Councilman Peter Villone Jr. took to facebook to show his support, and vent his frustation over the dispute.

“so since i cant see jeremy lin on cable because MSG wants a 53% increase, i did the next best thing and took my daughters to applebees last night and had  the ‘sizzling asian’ special,” he wrote.

Only a handful of Vallone’s Facebook “friends” took issue with the comment,  but he answered critics on the social-network site with another post.

“to the few of you who thought my applebees post was insensitive, i’m sorry .  . . that you have no sense of humor. please de-friend me (i need the space) so  you are not traumatized by any future posts. you apparently have me confused  with other politically correct electeds,” Vallone wrote.

Last night, Vallone told The Post, “Anyone who has a problem with it hould  stop off on the way home and buy a sense of humor — Lin is on fire right  now.” – nypost